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How to Setup a Website

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Getting the Message Across

This is a mini web site to support a work shop for the Royal College of Nurses Diabetes Forum in Bristol. The theme of the forum - 'Effective diabetes education - getting the message across.'

'On topic' web sites are a very effective way to get your message across.

This site looks at what's involved in getting your material on the web. Its not diabetes specific but there are one or two examples that refer to diabetes.

There are DIY options and free alternatives at most stages and links to a number of free resources too, so if you want to know how to setup a website or merely to find out whats involved have a look around.

If you have any queries about this website contact me by email.

About me: After many years in IT (Information Technology) working with databases, programming, support work and business analysis. To my delight I now find myself now designing web sites, which I greatly enjoy. I wish I had started years ago!

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